BRC Food Issue 7 | BRC auditor training presentation ppt slides
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Training on BRC Global Standard for Food Safety

What are the benefits to Implements BRC Global Standard Food Safety issue7 food management system?
Implementation of proper BRC Food Safety Management System as per requirement of BRC global standard for food safety improves quality, hygiene and product safety throughout the food industry. It allows food manufacturers to use the standard to ensure their suppliers are following good hygiene practices. BRC Global Standard Food Safety issue 7 continuous improvement through the standard's requirement for ongoing surveillance and corrective actions. BRC Food Safety guidelines provide a comprehensive model for quality management systems that can make any company competitive. Among the wide advantages of the BRC Global Standard Food Safety issue - 7 some key benefits are as follows:
  • Increases your customers product safety and quality confidence.
  • Enhances your food safety and food safety management system.
  • Shows your commitment to producing safe food.
  • Reduces the number of supplier audits/assessments.
  • Achieves recognition and acceptance from the UK retailer community.
  • Independent verification of effective implementation and operation.
  • Cost-effective control of food borne hazards.
  • Proactive approach – identifying and controlling food safety hazards.
  • Stimulus for continual improvement.
  • Increased confidence for customers / consumers.
  • Listing on BRC Directory of certified companies under BRC Global Standard Food Safety issue 7.
  • Standard is recognized by the majority of UK supermarket retailers and reduce audits from them.
C109 - BRC Food Safety Standard (issue-7) Auditor Training Presentation Kit - $ 290
We offer BRC Global Standard for Food Safety issue7 Auditor Training Presentation which is prepared by team of highly qualified management professionals and experienced BRC consultants. These BRC Food standard(2015) training presentation slides are very useful while conducting corporate training on BRC food system awareness and auditing, within the organization or any work area. Our many clients in USA, UK and globally have already used this BRC food ppt presentation kit for providing BRC standard training to their employees. This BRC Global Standard Food Safety issue 7 awareness and auditor  training presentation kit is pleasingly presented and designed to clearly communicate the message and establish a much better understanding. Our custom design PowerPoint presentation, is meeting the requirements of new version of BRC standard and our more than 100 clients globally are already completed BRC Standards certification and successfully implemented BRC for food within their organizations.
What BRC Food Training Presentation Kit offers:
BRC Standards Food Training Presentation Kit contains more than 225 total numbers of slides in two categories as presentation and hand out as literature for participants further learning.
BRC Food Total Presentation Kit
Part A: Presentation
Topic wise BRC Food Safety Training presentation kit contains following 8 modules.
  • Overview of BRC global standard for food.
  • BRC global standard for food requirements in detail.
  • BRC Standards Documents.
  • Food Safety Principles.
  • Internal Quality Audit process for BRC Standards.
  • BRC Food Safety implementation steps.
  • Work Shop and case study to verify participants learning.
This component comprises more than 200 foils, each pleasingly presented presentation designed to get the message over, and establish a much better understanding. It also describes how to tackle it and drills down into all these topics.

Part B: Literature (Handouts)
This topic covers write up in word for the ready reference to the trainer for understanding and reading. A question bank of over 200 questions department wise (based on BRC requirements), which can be customized to make your own internal audit checklist.
  • Overview of BRC Standard Food and Food Materials.
  • Elements BRC global standard food safety management System.
  • Implementation And Maintenance of Food Safety System.
  • BRC Documentation and steps for BRC Certification in details.
  • Core Assessment Checklist on BRC standards.
  • Department wise audit questionnaire as per BRC Global Standard( More than 500 questions).
  • Clause wise BRC Global Standard questionnaire.
  • Audit Process & Planning.
  • BRC Standards Audit Report.
  • Certification Process.
  • Workshop 1, 2 & 3.
Why to Purchase our Training Presentation Kit:
  • Written in plain English.
  • The soft copy of presentation and hand-outs are given and one can edit it as per their own requirements.
  • Hand-outs written in word 2007 and Presentation made in Power point.
  • Developed under guidance of experts and globally proven consultants having experience of more than 20 years.
  • User-friendly and easy to learn as well as one can add company logo as well as voice for the training of staff on BRC Standards.
  • User-friendly and easy to learn as well as one can add company logo as well as voice for the training of staff.
  • Our products are highly sold globally and used by many multinational companies and had provided total customer satisfaction as well as value for money.
  • In preparation of training kits it is been verified and evaluated at various levels of our team and more than 1000 hours are spent in preparation of this training presentation kit.
  • Prepared by globally proven team of leading consultant.
Method of Online Delivery:
On secured completion of purchase we provide user name and password to download the product from our ftp server. Thus we are providing instant on line delivery of our products to user by sending e mail of user name and password.
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