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Documentation for ISO 17021 Conformity Assessment of System Certifying Body

The accreditation to conformity assessment of certifying body is a procedure by which an accreditation body provides official recognition of technical competence for specific certification based on third party assessment. Like other certification, The ISO/IEC 17021 standard is revised and released in June 2015. ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 certification requires specific documentation which in compliance to the requirements to be implemented by system certifying body. Primary documents like instruction manual, mandatory procedures, audit checklists etc, are most significant part of documentation process while certifying bodies accreditation.
D121 - ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 Documentation Kit for Certifying Body Accreditation -   $ 720
The Documentation kit for Certifying Body is designed to help certifying bodies in designing quality documentation for ISO 17021:2015 conformity assessment to operate as system certifying body. The readymade documents are designed with easy editing features and compatible with clause-wise requirements of system. The user can update system documentation templates as per organization working system and create documents for their company in minimum time duration.

Content of Readymade Templates included in ISO 17021:2015 Documentation Kit

ISO 17021 Documents Manual
  • Sample ISO 17021 manual for certifying body (10 chapters and 8 Annexure).
  • Quality Policy (04 policies)
  • Mandatory procedures for conformity assessment (10 Procedures)
  • Standard Operating Procedures to follow while implementing system (04 work instructions).
  • Set of blank forms and templates (38 sample forms).
  • Audit Checklist (more than 350 audit questions)
  • Sample Risk Templates (01 excel file)
  • Compliance Matrix (01 excel file).
Entire ISO 17021:2015 documents will be given in editable format so anyone can easily modify and update as per their organizational requirement. It will guide user to achieve fast and effective conformity assessment system certification and our packages are competitively priced and many clients worldwide has purchased it and used it during ISO 17021 system certification.
Benefits of Using Our Documents for Conformity Assessment
  • User can easily change given templates as per their working system and create own documents for quick ISO 17021:2015 certification.
  • Procedures and formats provided in document kit can help in fine-tuning the processes and establish better control over management system.
  • Saves much time and cost in document preparation. It gives value for money to customer.
  • Ready to use documents in .doc format reduce your time in documentation process as well as useful in training to staff for learning conformity assessment requirements.
  • Takes care for all the section and sub sections of requirements which gives confidence as well as improve the revised ISO 17021 system.
  • It helps in making documentation including manual, procedures, forms and audit checklists for quick certification.

Method of online Delivery of Our Documents

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