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Asset Management System - ISO 55001:2014 Certification Consultancy

An asset management system is rapidly becoming a necessity for organizations as it provides a structured approach for the development, coordination and control of asset-related activities across their life cycle. ISO 55000:2014 is an international standard for management of assets of any kind. We offer Asset Management System - ISO 55001:2014 Certification Consultancy, which is beneficial for organizations to implement ISO 55001:2014 system and to achieve certification. In this consultancy, we provide complete resource for implementers of ISO 55001 Asset Management System. Our readymade ISO 55001 documentation kit takes care of all the sections and sub-sections of ISO 55001:2014 standard and gives better confidence as well as improves the asset management system. With the help of our documents and 360 degree support, organizations can achieve ISO 55001:2014 Certification from any of the best certification bodies across the world. Our Ready-to-use ISO 55001 Documents help organizations to ensure that the micro-level system is established in a proper manner as per the latest ISO 55001:2014 requirements.
D161 - ISO 55001:2014 Total Documentation Kit For Asset Management Certification - $799
The ISO 55001:2014 Asset management system documents are designed to help global clients in preparing ISO 55001 documentation. This Asset Management System documentation kit contains well-designed sample editable documents set, which are designed as per requirements for ISO 55001:2014 certification. Our ISO 55001:2014 documents are user-friendly and easy to adapt. Entire ISO 55001 documents are written in plain English and provided in editable MS Word format. Many organizations have used this kit while preparing documentation for their asset management system certification as per ISO 55001 requirements. Any organization can easily modify the ISO 55001:2014 documents as per their organization’s assets and processes and within three days their total documents with all necessary controls can be ready for implementation. Once the documents are ready, we can further support them in the ISO 55001:2014 certification process.

Contents of ISO 55001:2014 Documentation Kit:

This globally used total ISO 55001:2014 documentation kit includes Asset manual and mandatory ISO 55001 procedures as well as exhibits, reference documents and formats to keep records of system implementation. Readymade Templates provided in our ISO 55001 Documentation Kit includes the following:
ISO 55001 Documents
  • Asset Manual - ISO 55001 Manual
  • ISO 55001 Procedures (9 mandatory procedures)
  • Process Approach (4 Process approaches)
  • Work Plan (asset management plan)
  • Exhibits (2 Exhibits)
  • Sample forms (36 sample forms and templates)
  • Job Description
  • Management Review Agenda & Minutes
  • ISO 55001:2014 Audit Checklist (More than 150 audit questions)
  • Sample Risk Assessment Sheet
  • ISO 55001 Compliance Matrix
These sample documents are given as a referral guide for creating documentation while going for ISO 55001:2014 certification. Organizations are free to modify the sample documents to suit their own requirements. The entire Asset Management Documentation Kit is available in editable MS Word format, thus, it is very easy to edit. There are many clients all over the world who have used this ISO 55001 documents kit for Asset Management system certification and they are totally satisfied with our kit.
Benefits of ISO 55001:2014 Documentation Kit For Asset Management Certification
The key benefits of using this ISO 55001:2014 documentation kit are summarized below:
  • With the use of ready-to-use ISO 55001 documents, you can save much of your time and cost in document preparation.
  • You can improve your asset management system with our ISO 55001 documentation kit, as it takes care of all the sections and sub-sections of ISO 55001:2014 standard.
  • Our documentation kit allows you to modify the templates and create own documents as per your requirements within three days.
  • You can make an informed decision to purchase this kit, as we provide you a complete Demo of total ISO 55001 documents with a quick buy option that helps you to know which documents you will get.
  • Our products have provided total customer satisfaction as well as value for money.
  • Our ISO 55001 documents are reliable, as the entire kit has been verified and evaluated at various levels by our team.
  • Our products are highly sold globally and used by many multinational companies.
  • With the use of ISO 55001 audit checklist given in this kit, your internal auditors can assess the system to ensure ISO 55001 requirements are fulfilled.

Why ISO 55001 Manual and Procedures are Important?

Though all documents given in this kit are needed for ISO 55001 asset management system documentation and certification, ISO 55001 Manual and procedures are considered as the most important and basic documents for any asset management system. These two types of documents constitute the top two tiers of ISO 55001 documentation. ISO 55001 Manual, also called Asset Manual, describes about the scope of asset management system of the organization, company profile, organization structure as well as details of each applicable element of ISO 55001:2014 standard. ISO 55001 Manual describes the system at macro level and also provides an overview of processes followed in order to meet the requirements of ISO 55001:2014 standard.
ISO 27001 Procedures provide detailed method of meeting requirements of relevant sections or clauses of the ISO 27001:2013 standard. They cover the details, such as purpose, scope, responsibility, how procedure is followed, etc. These procedures are vital because they support operation of processes and hence establish confidence in the asset management system of an organization.

Method of Online Delivery of ISO 55001:2014 Documentation Kit

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